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A Fun Crazy Girl Who Loves To Party . She Is Very Silly Around People She's Comfortable With . She Has A Nice Body Stucture . She Has Curves , A Big Butt , And A Nice Face . She's Not Really A Girl Who's Focused On Boys More Than Her Education . She Is A Very Wise Girl .
Emalie Is So Perfect I Wanna Cuff That . Too Bad She's Too Focused On Her Education Instead Of Boys . I Should Ask Her To The Dance .
by StonneCooldBaae May 12, 2014
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A name. Pronounced Emma Lee. If you tell a person your name is Emalie and they write it down, they'll spell it like Emily.
*Person gives out birthday invitations* *Emalie recieves her's and the envelope reads "Emily"*
by Lala Yamada November 23, 2007
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The most beautiful girl known. She is very pretty and is normally pretty hard on herself, she deserves a lot of happiness and to be treated like a queen! She is also normally very close to guys names Noah or Gurt.
“Emalie is a princess” or “Emalie is always hanging out with Noah totally would ship”
by Polly Hurks August 12, 2019
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A girl that fakes her emotions all the time and acts like she likes you when she doesn’t
She is acting so fake! She must be Emalie
by Jhn441 May 08, 2019
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