Ellie Mae glows up the room when she walks through the door. She is a beautiful girl even without make up on! She is everyone’s best friend and all the boys have her in the back of their minds. She’s funny, sexy, gorgeous. Things may have happened in her life that she has to live with but overall we fall in love with her.
Ellie Mae is beautiful girl.
by doglover890145 December 28, 2017
1. the clampet's daughter
2. friend to the animals
3. great as a dogs name
4. refrenced in country jokes and songs
5. beverly hill billies
ellie mae's family shot the ground, hit oil, got rich quick and moved to beverly hills.
by nebraska gal April 10, 2009
A super awesome girl, who is smart, sexy and funny. she knows how to make people smile and doesn't deserve half of the shit that she gets in life... made to be loved not hated. Words cannot describe how much I love her.
"Woah that's 'Ellie-Mae'; I'd Tap that"
A beautiful girl with an amazing personality. An Elly Mae usually hates winter, but loves spring. She is a loyal friend, but if you stab her in the back she will retaliate. She loves dancing and music and hanging out with friends. Usually blonde, she can sometimes act like her stereotype. Elly Mae loves animals, especially sea dwelling ones.

On a side note, an Elly Mae is pretty good in the sack. And also pretty funny.
See that girl over there? She looks like an Elly Mae.
by makemebad1234 June 29, 2012
She may know clothes, but wait till you see have chav phase. HOT DAMN!!! She is lovely but watch out for the firery temper, she’s fisty!!
Elli was so mean to me”
Don’t worry that’s just Elli Mae
by November 22, 2021
The type of dumb blonde you want to love but blabbers for hours. Usually works slinging coffee and shit
That Ellie-Mae was a real boring basic bitch today!
by Witneys Finest (K.T) October 18, 2021