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The devil. One who likes to reside in the bowels of hell, as that is her dominion, coming to the Earth's surface only to be trendy and talk during class.
Hide your children and delegates, the Elkins is coming!
by Ke$habitch January 20, 2012
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A term used for the scene boy or typical scenester in high school. An Elkins is characterized by painted-on jeans and shaggy hair, as well as by the cloud of freshman following him/her. They are likely to be a part of the skater scene and preach about being straightedge.
Freshman Girl 1: "Is that Elkins? LET'S GO TALK TO HIM!"

Freshman Girl 2: "NO! I HATE HIM!"

by INDIE BARF :) August 10, 2008
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The word "Elkins" refers to a firm open hand bitch slap. There is only one set of brothers in this world that can pull off this technique. You have to go through horrific training...
Caleb, come here I need to talk to you. Why are you talking shit pussy?
Mathew Perkins: I'm not? (Scared shit less.. Shitting his pants.)
Caleb: That's not what I heard.

Mathew Perkins: walks over there to talk and next thing he knows he had just been a victim be getting Elkins.
A quote from Caleb- Don't let him tell you he got in a car accident...
by Jason LKHBdfo;agh fioh May 05, 2013
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