An Elite gamer, A person who is a god amoung G33ks, In the vast world of video games.
Me... Cause I'll rape all your asses.. Elite Gamer
by Roven June 9, 2006
A person who plays, Minecraft or Rainbow Six
"Hey i heard james is an elite gamer"
Yeah he plays Minecraft
"what a god"
by issadreams December 19, 2019
Something that you possess when you spend more time gaming than doing other things such as school, work, or even sleeping.
Jack: Hey Robert , did you do the homework?
Robert: Sorry Jack, I suffer from Elite Gamerism, I have no time for such things.
Jack: WOW! You're so cool, I wish I had Elite Gamerism!
by xXELITE_GAMERXx March 8, 2018
A UK company that is co-owned by big nigga. Owned by Darius. We are all mainly gay af in the community so homophobes beware.
You're in Elite Lucky Gamers? Well the owner Darius is pretty damn gay.
by WhoIsMatthew May 14, 2018
Elite Lucky Gamers gives away like 100 games a day, but the actual owner doesn't even play games often, bruh.
bruh, do y'know darius ye? elite lucky gamers (darius' company) gives away literally tonnes of games but he doesn't even play games him self! so gay.

init fam
by LuckyDariusYT June 7, 2018
Elite Lucky Gamers is a Giveaway discord to get free items on steam, which they are doing for basically nothing, If you join it you have a very good chance of getting free steam keys
Elite Lucky Gamers just gave me 5 steam keys!
by Derptyderpderp May 15, 2018