feelin spicy, like you got some fresh memes, so you finna woke, you feel me?
yo dude, that's finna woke!
by Offset from Migos April 15, 2017
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The phrase 'Finna Woke' can be traced back many decades to English speaking adolescents. The sheer definition of the phrase is up to the user but the most used definition is that of 'finna' being an abbreviation of 'fixing to' like 'gonna' is an abbreviation of 'going to' and 'woke' being the past tense of 'wake'. Combined these words form a phrase used to describe the setting of an alarm clock or another waking device for a previous time period generally late morning.
by FinnaWokinator February 16, 2018
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When u tryna tell ya homies sumtin finna woke (promulgation: Finna Woking) Also dat Finna Woke neuz gotta be lit af
Dat Sonic Furry Fanfiction Is Finna Woke
by AlanWeit February 24, 2018
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