word used to mean heaps
"that is tonnes good"
"i tonnes love you"
"tonnes of people was at the gig"
by janwa silly bitch May 4, 2006
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A metric term used to describe a whole bunch of stuff
There were shit tonnes of croutons in my caesar salad today
by ebsva March 5, 2012
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The metric amount that any given person can fit up their arse
arse load
"i have an arse load of soap."
"is that like, your arses mass in soap?"
"No like a Butt tonne, the amount you can fit in our arse"
by Kitschdoll August 26, 2008
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Noun: An extremely large amount of something, unto absurdity.

Generally used in hyperbole.

Note: proper usage demands the British spelling of "tonne" becuse the extra letters are also absurd.
Angrybunnyman updates his journal a metric fuck tonne
by Angrybunnyman January 5, 2005
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Where by large women are slept with by competing men for the sake of sport.
A race to 2200 lbs. (5 or more participating males needed; each one individually trying to reach the 2200 lb mark first)

The maximum number of girls you can have sex with to reach the goal of the One Tonne Challenge is 10. On average this would be 220 lbs each. Relations with over 10 females to reach the 2200 lb goal will result in disqualification.

You can divide your females up as you wish in order to reach the weight goal.

Eg. If you go under weight on some, say 180 lbs, you will have to compensate with a larger girl to even out, say 26o lbs.

The first person to reach the weight goal, while keeping their number of companions to under 10 is declared the winner.
by Lord P & Fab C January 26, 2005
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