The origin of the name Elia is very Narnian. It means one who is profoundly wonderful - and humble. Elia most often refers to a unique individual who possess many intriguing qualities such as : affectionate, loving, thoughtful, caring, devoted, enthusiastic, friendly, open minded, optimistic, sincere, trustworthy, loyal, outgoing, authentic.

But the name Elia does not mean fact it means far from perfect. The name Elia means someone who recognizes that there is more to life than here on this earth.
I will strive to have an "Elian" outlook on life.
by Kahreesa February 5, 2010
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The best friend you'll ever fucking have. If you know an elia then your life is sure to be fun asf. She's fun, a party animal, and someone who thinks of things in a different way to others. But she can also be a quiet person who keeps lots of things to herself.
"Did you see the new kid"
"yeah she's kinda shy"
"nah she's great when you get to know her, she's an elia"
by Elian Loony August 17, 2017
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An amazing person, but has no idea how amazing she is. She is beautiful, caring and kind. She is perfect, she is an amazing singer and will be recognised for her talents
Elia is the most beautiful person I’ve ever met
by Kyspls December 3, 2018
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Elia comes from the name ‘Elijah’. Most Elias are very funny and active as well as outgoing. Elias can tend to get their friends in trouble during class, and themselves, even though they are extremely intelligent, wise, and smart. They are always chattering away about complete nonsense. They tend to be forgetful and always misplace their phone. They love their friends, but tend to have little to no romantic feelings. When they do, Elias will go out of their way to impress the person they are attracted to. Elias are very confident and have a very high self esteem, but they sometimes are very arrogant and vain. They sometimes have trouble controlling their laughter, but they are generally kind-hearted and good-natured. Elias are very competitive when it comes to test scores and sports. If you beat Elias (which they like to think is never) you will feel her wrath!!!
P1:Oh look!! They’re so hot
P2:Oh yes, I believe that is Elia. They are awesome!! She’s funny and very smart too
P1: And HOTTTTTTT🔥🍑🔥🍑🔥
by Huoah October 17, 2018
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Elia is an amazing girl. She has striking dark hair and eyes and typically loves music and art: especially dance. She is EXTREMELY chatty in the best way possible. An Elia can talk for hours about absolutely nothing and still have everyone on the edge of their seats. Elia is incredibly smart (despite what she may tell you, she’s frustratingly humble) and she radiates positivity and though doesn’t quite understand it, is one of the most beautiful people (inside and out) that you will ever meet.
Girl: Oh wow did you see Elia the other day?
Girl 2: Yeah she’s so talented, right?
by ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 October 21, 2019
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comes from the name Eliana, but the name elia is better. Elia is usually a loyal person, kindhearted, honest, shy, forgetful, smart, sometimes loud around friends. Elia's tend to love money so some of them are greedy when it comes to their money. They burn a whole in their pockets because they love shopping too much. Over all an Elia is someone who you may want to keep on your mind a lot.
Elia, Loyal, Friend, shy, funny, kindhearted, forgetful, Eliana, money, pockets, greedy
by myowndefinition242 October 11, 2011
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Elia is a synonym of the word legend. Elia's are sporty,funny,smart,good looking and affectionate. He is basically a living legend that makes everyone around him smile
What an Elia this guy is
by behdhxb April 21, 2016
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