A new trend, namely on xanga. Offshoots from the EMO trend. It varies: many people strongly dislike "electrikks" because of their annoying and odd habits. It is this writer's opinion that using ";;" or "&&" ONCE IN A WHILE is fun to spice up your writing..You know, make it look more pressentable or unique...HOWEVER...Connecting every single fucking sentence and using "kthx" and "BANG-BANG" repeatedly and things like that gets annoying. Electrikk is ok, as long as its not all out, over done to the max.
Electrikks like....

Polka Dots
Really bright neon layouts
guns, namely the word BANG
"kthx" and other such shorthand slang
connecting sentences with no spaces or with just periods.
Using double "&" and ";".
After every sentence there always seems to be a "<3" or a "</3".
Emo music
Romantic or poetic sounding things.
instead of saying stuff/stuff, they say stuff // stuff
Calling emo ppl and such things like that "SCENE"
Finally, they also use "such-and-such = sex". NO. Conor Oberst does not = sex, MCR does not = sex. PENIS IN VAGINA = SEX OK!? Thank you.
by UD = sex June 27, 2005
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Kids who want to fit in who think Dinosaurs and Robots are awesome, when they're really not. because if dinosaurs were still around you wouldnt like them that much cause they'd probably kill you or something. Kids who feel ambulances and car crashes are awesome when thats probably what like killed thier grandmas so thats not cool.
people who think saying "kthnx" and "&&" is cool when theyre not really words and noone says andand. Kids who are obsessed with gun noises and killing people. and for the record, the greatest lovers were not murderers first.
by kaitlyn November 27, 2004
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Most people are wrong about what electrikk is, electrikk is often referred too as the sister of 'scene' when in actual fact scene orginated from electrikk.

The first name recognised and used to describe nowadays fashion scene was electrikk.

To find the true definition check out the first entry or the word electrikk back in June 3, 2004.
"Hahaa, look at that group of emo kids over there, what are they wearing?!"
"Actually i heard they're called 'Electrikk'."
by CookieDoughCow August 20, 2011
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car crashes <|3
gun noises x3
neon.. polkadots<333333
thats so scene.
the blood brothers=sexxxxx.
omgahwtf im electrikk__x3
by neonxblack___x3 April 29, 2005
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omg. i. love. car. crashes. omg. i. love. guns. omg. polkadots.

get over yourself. you are not sex. robots are not cool. and guns aren't either.

magnetikk is the new lame.
omg. i. love. conor. oberst. he. is. the. sex.
by Linda December 11, 2004
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Some lame trend that is ruining any type of scene. You're not hardcore if that's what you're trying to be. The hardcore scene is no fashion, using the "<3" symbol is not cool, and The Used's lyrics are not a hardcore listener's diary. You are ruining Xanga with your 'kill me I'm gaylectrikk' blogrings. You're a bunch of ignorant, illiterate morons who need to go die, or corrupt some other scene.
"Yeah, those kids are really gay. I hear they're 'electrikk'. Do you dare me to go switch their MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE CD with this Black Dahlia Murder disc?"
by Q-Tip McVicker March 28, 2005
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Electrikk is the coolest thing ever;;; Dinosaurs, Robots, and hearts are all the rage in this new "steryotype". To be electrikk you basiclly have to...
1.) Love robots.
2.) Love dinosaurs.
3.) Connnectsentences withoutspaces.
4.) Use ";;;"
5.) Use "&&"
All in all it's a fun, flexible, and refreshingly unique trend that no one has ever heard of.
I loverobots && dinoSAURs;;;
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
by RAwr;;; March 2, 2005
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