13 definitions by kaitlyn

bong device used to smoke marijuana
Hey homie, check out my sick new challace
by kaitlyn November 5, 2004
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Kids who want to fit in who think Dinosaurs and Robots are awesome, when they're really not. because if dinosaurs were still around you wouldnt like them that much cause they'd probably kill you or something. Kids who feel ambulances and car crashes are awesome when thats probably what like killed thier grandmas so thats not cool.
people who think saying "kthnx" and "&&" is cool when theyre not really words and noone says andand. Kids who are obsessed with gun noises and killing people. and for the record, the greatest lovers were not murderers first.
by kaitlyn November 26, 2004
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A fake orgasm used when your guy can't please you but you don't want to hurt his feelings.
"Justin didn't even come close."
"Then just fakeasm!!"
by kaitlyn February 16, 2004
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A label typically assigned to female irc users, who lurk about technical channels/forums (#hackphreak, for example (NOT!!!)), although are completely uninterested in computer related topics, and are totally, absofuckinglutely lacking in ANY skill other than the ability to completely whore up a channel with "Hi hi!! ;);) *kisses*", etc. Scene whores often keep blogs in which they write about their totally interesting lives, and post grainy, poor quality pictures of themselves pouting at a webcam. Scene whores are often lonely, unattractive, socially inept, half-wits, who’s only chance at getting attention from the opposite sex is by talking with lonelier, more unattractive, more socially inept + desperate males (i.e. a typical #hackphreak user). A scene whore is easily spotted sporting a name which combines both their gender and an operating system they've never even used.
freebsdgirl, geekgrl, unixgirl, unixbabe, etc etc.
by kaitlyn December 21, 2004
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A vaginal fart that women expose during their climax. It is known to come out with ova and even some pain.
Holy shit Kyle, i just blew a qweef! Whew! I gotta go wipe myself!
by kaitlyn February 10, 2005
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1. used in place by odd people with tracksuit bottoms and medallions in my school called townies in place of 'same here'. see Cockney rhyming slang and you'll get the idea
2. popular bushcraft instructor. presenter of "tracks", "ray mears world of survival" and "ray mears extreme survival".
3. genius
townie 1: i got a new burberry hat from the market yesterday buuud!!
townie 2: ray mears innit buuuud!!!

ray mears: now i am going to show you how to construct a flushing toilet made entirely from brambles and tree sap.
viewer: wow

me: i'm going to marry someone like ray mears.
by kaitlyn April 30, 2004
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A name that you call someone that really pisses you off.
"Haha you're dumb."
"Shut up peckerhead."
by kaitlyn February 16, 2004
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