An Instrument that produces a current of power, and sounds like lightning
Man 1: Wow what's that sound?
Man 2: Dude, that's a fucking electric guitar.
by Mineralogie March 18, 2017
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The ultimate form of coolness. The second one puts the guitar on and the guitar so low that it's hip height immedialty becomes the ultimate pussy magnet. One strum of the power chord and the pussies will be melted.
“Yo, have you seen that sick ass electric guitar."
“I know right. Might melt some serious pussy with that axe."
by BigBoiDaddy February 28, 2020
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an instrument you strum or finger the strings to make a legendary sound that can be altered in the slightest way to suit you and the way you like the sound
person 1: listen to me play my Electric guitar.

person 2: turn it down!!!!!!

person 1: -_-
by thebandcalledcookies April 13, 2022
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