2 definitions by BigBoiDaddy

A short ass annoying kid who annoys the fuck outa everyone. He's basically a loner but he's got a group of friends who love(hate)him
"Ardip why the fuck did u take that shot"
"Because I can"
Or maybe

"Ah that was a pass for u(say it in a gay Indonesian accent)"
"Stop taking those fucking shots"
by BigBoiDaddy January 20, 2019
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The ultimate form of coolness. The second one puts the guitar on and the guitar so low that it's hip height immedialty becomes the ultimate pussy magnet. One strum of the power chord and the pussies will be melted.
“Yo, have you seen that sick ass electric guitar."
“I know right. Might melt some serious pussy with that axe."
by BigBoiDaddy February 28, 2020
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