When a man has a vibrating dildo inserted into his anus, and lies upon a woman and has anal sex with her. Thus she receives the transmissions from the dildo in the mans ass, rendering her in a state of orgasmic ecstacy.
J : Last night i gave my girfriend an electric blanket.
M: Dude didn't that hurt you?
J: Yeah but she loved it.
by ElectricFuton February 21, 2010
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When an overweight man has sex with a petite woman, where it is required for the man to lift his fat in order to fornicate, inevitably covering the woman and keeping her warm during the boinking session(s).
Guy A: So did you give her the Electric Blanket last night?

Guy B: Once I plugged it in, she was warm all night!
by Matt SR November 14, 2007
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For use in the Winter Months, a male that goes to bed about an hour before you (to warm it up), cuddles you throughout the night and leaves and hour before you wake up. Much, much like the "Winter Boyfriend" but a lot less maintenance.

Also good to keep you warm when your gaming.

Often referred to as an E.M.B.
Gosh my beds cold but I don't want to have to pick up a dude." "Electric Man Blanket?" "Mmmm EMB
by missusmactavish July 31, 2011
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The Electric Blanket, but with a fat woman and a smaller man.
She almost smothered me with her flying fat, it was a total Reverse Electric Blanket!
by Matt SR November 14, 2007
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