Start it up, get something going on
"Warm it up Chris"
Chris says "I'm about to"
by spacecase February 3, 2004
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1. to engage it sexuall activity.
2. to make something warmer as in a microwave.
1. "When you go over to her house make sure you warm it up"
2. "My rice is much too cold. It would be best to warm it up."
by buddy k May 19, 2007
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Get ready to get some.
Girl, you betta' warm that shit up, cuz imma be over in 20 minutes.
by Noelle January 22, 2004
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A vulgar and hard to understand expression used to suggest that a particular item of food is not of the desired heat, usually associated with owners of microwave ovens.
Used in everyday conversation between persons (A) and (B)

(A) "My pie has gone cold"
(B) "I suggest you warm it up"
(A) "To hell with you and your microwaves! I'm eating this damn pie at whatever temperature i want!"
by he_who_says_zonk February 2, 2004
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To decimate all competitors in the acquiring of women, money, or anything in the manner of showing off.
"Yo Jimmy, you see that honey over there?"
"Word up, Im bout to warm it up."
by L.C. January 31, 2004
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1) A physical state generally describing increased heart rate and body temp.

2) Describing when a person has begun feel the effects of drinking alcohol, or a warm up, prior to an activity.

3) Describing an indoor restroom which has just been used or simply reeks of shit.
1) "Well, I'm gonna go warm-up." - Runner

"Suit yourself, we already run enough." - Lazy runner

2) "Hey Jim, lets go get a drink." - John

"Sure, I'm already warmed up!" - Alcoholic

3) Brothers passing by each other in a hallway:

"Ooh, be careful in there, i just warmed it up for you." - Bro
"Dammit." - Bro
by JuanWuanEscapado September 18, 2011
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