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He is like the epic guy. He hits those and is so cool which is why he's not in the retards also known as the dominater of planets destroyer of libtards. His achievements include slaying warny, being epic and be too sexy which is why no one wants to smash as they know they are not worthy. He's is also quite possibly the world's most epic volley ball player he may occasionally SLAM dunk fools but he just playing. He is also the edgist dude about mess with him and he gonna dab
Oh wow your eithan

whats it like to be so cool and get hella bitches. Or wow it's eff the one who makes the dankist memes such as warny spots and many other great classics for the whole family to enjoy
by Noteithan January 22, 2019
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Eithan is the type of person who will brighten up someone’s day with the snap of their hand and but they can also cause hell to a person if messed with . This person is Charming ,Handsome, and a leader of any group. They can do anything they are determined to accomplish but do not agitate them because they will show no mercy what so ever. This person is a ladies man , they may have not dated many women but they have the decision to.Best hair, good at sports, quick thinker and the most good looking in their friend group.
Wow..that Boy is such an Eithan,I wish I was him.
by Octane July 01, 2018
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