dope, sexy, gangsta, fly, fresh.
-"yo whos that kid"
-"thats osborne"
by alex o September 16, 2007
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A Osborn is usually as sexy Mf that all the ladsy trying to hop in bed with if a Osborn si around whatch ur girl careful
Girl: Luv u
Osborn apears: Come with me
Girl:(gets up)
by wiggms October 12, 2018
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A type of style/lifestyle. A girl who is a "hipster" can usually be classified as osborne. To see if you or someone you know is osbourne check for the following characteristics:high-waisted shorts, organic food, red lipstick, old photos, dressing like you are from the 80's, big glasses, vegan/vegetarian, support gay and lesbians, protest often, eat things like brie cheese and flax bread, loves records and record players ,enjoy pastel colors, occasionally have bangs, tree huggers, hippies, combat boots, floral patterns, like indie music and independent films or documentaries, shop at American Apparel or Urban Outfitters and are usually into band members.

**Taylor Swift is a wanna be Osbourne**
Dude: Omg that girl is so osborne.
Dude2: I aint about that osborne girl life.
Dude: Your right man those high-waisted shorts look like diapers.

*Emma paints her nails seafoam green*
Girl: OMG your nails are such an osborne colour
by alllduf October 8, 2013
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Of relating, or referencing to the mentality or mannerisms of Chris Osborn.
That wave you gave me was a very Osbornist example of awkwardness.

It is not egotistical at all to name a movement about yourself. Example? Osbornism. If anything it's a negative mentality!
by the poindexter punk October 22, 2004
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to love to felch, to take unusual pleasure in man on man felching
I saw 2 guys and a straw walking out from under a bush, what an Osborn
by big 88 April 21, 2008
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The official gay man with a twist. The openly, overly passionate, smokeresque, kind of a tease.
Has the ability to hump all animate or inanimate objects and get those objects turned on increasingly well.
Potentially dangerous for children under the age of 10.
Potentially dangerous for children and adults over the age of 10.
Christopher is a primary example of living Osbornism.
by Alexia =] May 24, 2006
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When you have 5 kills and blame the whole team for your mistakes.
(The shi osborne) OMG HE IS SO TRASH YET I HAVE 5 kills AND HE HAS 40
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