It is a pagan way of saying omg. It comes from the saying "ye gods", and, as everyone knows, the greek and roman gods had a way of messing with people's lives. So when you say egads, in a sense, you're saying "you fuckers," but softly.
It is used to express mild dismay or frustration.
Egads, you've said that already 12 times.


You washed that silk blouse in hot water?--egads!
by blacksheepunite July 11, 2009
an exclimation.

used to descibe excitment
by MattocS March 1, 2003
oh my god, put into a shorter and more convinent way
by Maryyyyyy February 18, 2008
An exclamation, similar to "Oh shit!" Although its not vulger. My friend Rose said she saw it in an Archie comic book.
by initsix March 12, 2005
as in "Egads Grandma what BIG eyes you have." Holy Cow! can most often be substituted by Egads!
by JadedMyst May 8, 2006
meaning "oh shit" or something along similar lines, egads is a perfect exclamation for the hippest of hipsters.
Egads! I'm so hip!
by forestconcubine August 16, 2011
like “fuck” or “shit”, an exclamation, it kinda just goes with everything
example one:
model: *posts a pic*
girl: ugh egad she’s so pretty i wish i looked like her
example two:
friend: what’s that restaurant called again?
you: *cant remember*
you: ugh egad i forget
by ashliegh raymonde November 25, 2020