A shortened version of the common male West African name; Effiong.

Indigenous but not limited to the following countries; Nigeria, Ghana etc.
by effilang August 29, 2008
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a happy person. pretty, smart, funny, witty. all the best combined into one woman! she's not afraid to go for what she wants, and she is capable of anything!
Person: Is there anyone more perfect than Oprah?
Other person: Yeah, that girl Effie
by elanal February 08, 2013
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To be unique in a positive way. To be unusual and eye-catching. Having eclective and desired qualities.
Oh wow, those boots are so effie!
by Morrigansarcher July 15, 2006
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Effie is a genius at everything. Loves to swim. Can be a bit bossy. Has a brilliant sense of humour. She can keep a secret. She is super attractive. Is perfect and could not be made any better. Effie can memorize virtually every song on earth. She gets boys flirting with her and trying to hug her. Her nickname is Smeffs and loves Gingerbreads.
Effie is like Oprah.
by iggytobeconfessin October 25, 2014
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Describing someone/something cool, hot, fresh, etc.
Person 1: Wow! I love those shoes! They match with my clothes.
Person 2: Yeah, that is so effie.
by Coron July 24, 2006
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An amazing girl who all the guys and girls want. She's amazing and really funny but some our jealous of how many friends she's got. She's a bit mysterious but in a sexy way. She is usually ridiculously attractive and when she laughs she looks like a goddess.
"Oh my god that girl, i have to date her!"
"Yep she's hot, definitely an Effy"
by Ginger ninja February 28, 2018
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