An amazing girl who all the guys and girls want. She's amazing and really funny but some our jealous of how many friends she's got. She's a bit mysterious but in a sexy way. She is usually ridiculously attractive and when she laughs she looks like a goddess.
"Oh my god that girl, i have to date her!"
"Yep she's hot, definitely an Effy"
by Ginger ninja February 28, 2018
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any penis that has a slight curve to it; either curved up, down, to the left or to the right.....generally caused by too much masturbation.

pronounced e - fee
damn nikki - that guy from the party last night had an effy and it hit all the right spots!
by Renee Polmanteer October 21, 2007
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That annoying old woman who thinks shes top shit when shes not. An ugly breed of human who bitches and back stabs people. Her voice sounds slightly like a mans, and you will often find her on her couch ordering her daughter around to clean up after her. She rarely cleans, and enjoys reading the daily horoscopes. She often refers to herself as Effy because she thinks she has a hot bod, like the one from Skins, but her real name is Gail.
"Look at that flabby bitch, telling her daughter to do all of the housework!"
Yeah, she thinks shes hot. What an Effy.
by emilysmith2010 July 06, 2010
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an effy is very hott and get away with anything the women love him and an effy is amazing in bed and generally has a huge penis he is very charming and is extremely attracted to red heads and has the body of a god
alexis: wow look at that kid hes so hott I WANT HIM
amalia: yea hes checking me out
alexis: omg your so lucky! hes an effy and your a red head

amalia: haha YES hes mine!
by cjnkacjns February 07, 2011
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