Edward is an English name that means "wealth protector". Edward is a kind, gentle, selfless, loving person. He is very passionate, an amazing lover, a steadfast companion, with a remarkable sense of humor. Edward is very loyal, down to earth, protective, and loves with all of his heart. He is the love of my life..........

Edward, Ed, Eddie, Teddie
You haven't been loved, until you've been loved by Edward!!
by edsgirl February 4, 2010
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Edward is a person who can choose to be loyal or not he is funny and irritating but cool to hang around he can be a good listener but only a friend.....
His name is Edward.
by Lady baby October 6, 2018
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Edward is Very talented at sports Mainly basketball he also is super funny, Sweet , loving and Sarcastic he also has very good looks and at sometimes He be Extremely Insanely Rock Hard headed he’s also really good at video games especially 2k.
by The Black Dad April 22, 2019
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The hottest guy in school and the boy everyone thirsts after. Tall and lean, and smells good, he is surrounded by a hoard of girls everyday who struggle against everyone else to touch him. He drives a sports car to school everyday and gives girls a ride back to their house everyday after school. He is the captain of the rugby team and is dating the captain of the cheerleaders. Additionally he has good grades and is eligible to study law in Harvard.
Tasha: "Did you see who Edward was with today?"
Enya: "Of course, emma and the rest of the school!"

Aurora: "I want to date someone so badly"

Tara: "Get an Edward"
by hainal October 22, 2019
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An Amazing Person that is fun to talk to and gives enjoyable conversation, a great boyfriend and a fun person to hang out with. talk to for hours on end without getting bored. Also very talented at music.
"Omg, Is that Edward?!" "Edward Cullen?" "No, Edward Norton!"
"I just saw Edward Norton's Band, 'Vampire Weekend'."
by Hollywood420FTW December 21, 2009
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Edward is someone very special. Keep him close cause women will try to steal him. Edward is loyal to a fault. He's the best man or protector you could dream of.
Edward is my husband.
Get you an Edward
by Edwardisminegetyourown July 30, 2019
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Can mean: wonderful, funny, witty, loving, sweet, kind, caring, crazy, ambitious, creative, moody, forgiving, warm-hearted, sweet, whimsical, and charming.

not to be linked to Edward Cullen, the vampire.
"See that boy, he can be an Edward sometimes!"

by christoffelees July 7, 2009
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