Edith is a loving,caring and very kind person.She is beautiful inside and out and is always there for you.Shes good to talk to and has a big heart.Edith is also a great mom and wife.
Her name is probably Edith because she is beautiful
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by kindness247 February 01, 2019
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Edith is a georgus and amazing person. Shes an amaizing friend and deserves everything. Shes very funny and can make you laugh.
I dont know what to put hereπŸ’€ love you Edith πŸ’•
by Kaylee.anne February 23, 2020
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Edith is the

most flawless

girl you will

kbow she is just

as wonderful in the

inside as in the outside

her heart is wonderful

you will find out once

you get to know her
Someone who falls in love with Martin

Omg look at Edith <3
Omg look at Edith <3
by Goodturtle October 08, 2019
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Edith is a posh neek, WHO IS BLOODY LOaDED. She HAS a MutherFUCKING tezla, she wears trendy clothes like Fila and shit. She got #MASSIVE BOOBS, boys would die to get in bed with Edith..
TOM: Woah have u seen that bitch edith!
Me: No
TOM: The one with hugeee boobs
me: Oh yer
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by RandomShitGB123456 November 18, 2019
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Edith is your true love. Wether romantically or you love her as a friend. She is sorta popular but likes video games and skateboarding. She is a tomboy. Edith is also very intellegent and creative. Edith is artsy. Edith also is most likey bisexual but haven't fully come out yet. You most likely have a huge crush on her.
Eli: i love edie! I want to marry her.
Samantha: i love edie shes my best friend!
Minette: edie your so creative and smart!

Edith means someone who is awesome
by Hufflepuff loves kittys January 02, 2020
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Edith is the best girl. She’s beautiful and hilarious too. All the boys (and girls) are after her.
Boy 1; yoooo I’m tryna get with Edith
Boy 2; no way !! I want her
by hhhemmahhh January 28, 2020
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