Edith is the
most flawless
girl you will
kbow she is just
as wonderful in the
inside as in the outside
her heart is wonderful
you will find out once
you get to know her
by the urban dictanary January 12, 2016
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an amazing friend who is super sweet but super straightforward, she would never EVER choose her boyfriend over you EVER!!!!!!
boy: whoa who is she

Anneka: that is Edith

boy: she is beautiful

Anneka: back of mate my friend not yours
by 😜ANOAH😜 August 15, 2018
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that one girl in middle school that thinks she’s superior and pretends she’s popular, but in reality she’s not. she’s usually a bitch, and very overrated (if you actually know her then you’ll know she a blatantly rude and bossy bitch that goes out of her way to make you feel like shit). she’s usually always angry, and is rude. she literally never texts back. don’t trust an edith.
lilly: “edith is sooo kind omg”
maya (and pretty much the rest of the population) “what?!! she’s such a bitch.. don’t you know her?!”
by Ivy Lewis March 2, 2022
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Archie Bunker's dim-witted, yet insightful wife on the legendary 1970s sitcom All in the Family.
Archie: Do you know what VD is, Edith?
Edith: Don't tell me, I think it's initials for some kind of holiday...oh yeah, VD Day!
by MRT2 October 10, 2006
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Very intelligent girl. Commonly the most beautiful girl in school. Mysterious character sometimes acts bitchy but overall its just a disguise from her true kind hearted nature. Has strange philosophies and ideas. Makes everybody's head turn as she walks by. Most likey has a cocky attitude and never gets embarassed. Suprises everyone with her knowledge and understanding since she is a natural slacker.
Friend: wow! Who's that?

Friend 2: oh her? Thats Edith. Dont bother you're probably not good enough.
by xxphantomxx April 9, 2013
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