1. A sarcastic remark, letting someone know that you think that their "problems" could be very easily solved.
2. A good way to not pay attention as someone vents and then seem like you might have been listening.
unintelligent friend: I just got a 1.5 in my communcations 115 exam and i dropped my cell phone in the red cedar. *whimper*

normal person: life is hard...
by gakinu July 10, 2009
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A phrase used by parents to tell children fuck you, you can't f-ing do this. Stick with the hard way. Well those idiots are fucking wrong
Life is hard, my parents said. Then they died, and suddenly life was easy.
by Vuginawhore June 2, 2012
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usually life gets hard for people so you should take my advice and suck something hard instead.
Life’s so hard why don’t i suck something hard like maddie said “when life gets hard suck something hard”
by swaggymaddie January 7, 2022
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This was thought up by an anonymous user on discord 7/1/22. It is what you say to a friend when they are sad. Basically telling them to just go fuck somebody.
"Hey man I fucking hate myself"
"Hey I get it but remember Life Hard Life Cold Titty Soft Titty Warm"
by John0032 November 12, 2022
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