noun U
UK slang for Ecstasy
Lets take these eckies and go clubbing.
by Pony Canyon May 20, 2004
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Street/ slang name for Ecstacy.
Jane was absolutely insane on eckys at the club last night
by justsomekid_ June 23, 2009
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A pill you give someone at a nightclub if you want to get into their pants.
See that fine fella? I'm gonna give him an eckie, so that later tonight, i'll give him a root.
by Laurah February 7, 2005
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Ecky means enjoyable, but icky.
“That’s So Ecky!”
by Ash The Idiot November 17, 2021
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affectionate name used for the village of Eckington in South Worcestershire, especially popular amongst the village's younger residents. Similar to the use of The Sham when describing Evesham.
lets go to Ecky
by popopopopopo August 31, 2008
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Ecki is a always drinking average Guy from Western Germany. He is famous for his fast drinking and his abnormal huge belly flavoured with a 5 inch cock.
Cause he was fallen in a bottle of Beer in his early childhood he has incredibly huge muscles and a strong human beeing. His nickname is "Beerkules"
Beerkules aka Ecki
by E.J. From B January 18, 2014
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