Offensive reference to Hispanic homosexual oral sex for money
Thosr pocho hotos are eating tacos for nada.
Pedro's on his knees eating a taco.
Eating a taco is protected activity under the Violence Against Homosexuals Act.
You can't eat a taco for nothin man.
by Bilyybud October 31, 2009
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What a girl says when she wants you to eat her pussy
When I got home last night, Sarah just said," get down here and eat my taco ".
by hur mår du? November 25, 2015
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Act of performing cunilingus on a woman.
Man I ate that taco all night long. Eating tacos got me a second date.
by Edithbunkerhill August 12, 2021
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The act of shitting, vomiting, and pissing into a cup of Wendy's chili, eating it, then snorting the left over "sauce".
My nigga do you eat taco bell sauce in the cupboard?
by Edgecs September 6, 2017
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July 21st its the day we raise awareness for cervical cancer by sharing racos and eating her taco.
Oh look at her, id love to celebrate eat taco and taco day with her.
by Master methoos March 15, 2021
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