Slang term for cunnilingus, or, the oral stimulation of the female genetalia.

Or more simply, eating a girl out.
"Me and my girlfriend are gonna go home now."
"What for?"
"Well, I'm hungry, so I thought I'd go eat a peach"
by Charlie_Murphy October 16, 2007
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This term was originally from a line in one of the 20th centuries most admired poems, T.S. Elliot's 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock' in which the poets asks a number of rhetorical questions in which he wonders about the meaning of life and questions his own inability to overcome his indecisions. In this poem the chorus line is: 'In the room the women come and go Talking of Michelangelo.' Among the many questions he poses to himself is 'Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach? I believe you will find this is the genesis of the Eat a Peach meaning.
I am so unsure about all of this but do I dare to eat a peach?
by Old and grumpy October 11, 2016
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When a lesbian wishes to put an end useless conversation with authority, or with a nasty remark. Similar to the phrase "Eat a dick"
STFU Eat a peach, bitch!
by FunkyMunky77 July 21, 2011
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"Listen, I don't eat peaches. But the way you look tonight, I just might take a bite." - DirtBag (from Monica's "Get it Off")
by Greg May 01, 2004
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Line from the movie Face Off. Said by Nicholas Cage's character, Castor Troy. It means to perform oral sex on a female for, in this case, hours.
A guy trying to seduce a foxy lady: You know i could eat a peach for hours.
by Mitch Tyler November 21, 2009
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It’s when the Congress gives a peach to Donald trump but trump refuses to eat it.
The Congress: trump, u need eat that fucking peach I gave u.
Trump: NO!!!
The Congress: or we will fire u and we’ll replace u with joe Biden the badass as president.
Trump: u can’t I’m fucking rich & u work for me because u guys are peasants.
The Congress: just eat the fucking peach & ur ass won’t get kicked.
Trump: fuck no, I ain’t eating shit!
*the congress kicks trump’s ass back to China where he belongs*
The Congress: hey joe Biden, ur now the president.
Joe Biden: oh yeah yeah

The word I should define; trump needs to eat a peach.
by Some1 @ the internet December 20, 2019
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