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The act of masturbating until your about to ejaculate, and then suddenly stopping and not finishing. This is usually done the day before a sporting event, and is believed to increase the performance of the athlete who performs this act. The name "East German" originates from the 1980 East German Olympic team who allegedly did this before each event.
I East German'ed before my track meet and won my race!!
by AKN 121 December 24, 2008
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A man that can kill you from a different zip code, will go "Kommando" not the way your thinking commando which is no underwear but Kommando is when a German goes Special Forces and will never be found by anyone and probably kill you in your sleep, and will always get his revenge so I recommend you don't mess with one.
Don't mess with him he's East German he will kill you, your friends, and your family.
by Anonymousk9 October 01, 2016
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