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a beautiful county in eastern England, below the incest ridden disease fest that is Norfolk and above the chav ridden region of Essex
person 1: Where are you from?
person 2: Suffolk
person 1: nice. I'm from Essex
person 2: lol fail
person 1: shu' up!!
by Batt_Hatt February 25, 2011
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Suffolk County is the easternmost County on Long Island. Not a bad place to live, I reside in Western Suffolk county. Suffolk County is NOT upstate NY as BrokelynGuy reffers to it as.
Suffolk County has class, while Brokelyn is STILL a cesspool...
by LongIs September 04, 2004
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a city in south eastern va that isn't what it seems. you expect rednecks, but find that there a plenty of ghetto sections in the downtown area. But don't get me wrong, get away from downtown and there's plenty of country-ness.

if you go to north suffolk, which i call fake suffolk as it borders portsmouth closely and is a good distance away from downtown suffolk, you will find ritzy areas and brand new shopping complexes and healthcare facilities.

about 30-45 minutes from the virginia beach oceanfront, still not so far out there that you can't go to a bigger city and have a good time.
"let's ride out to suffolk and chill in the country. i hear there's gonna be a bon fire"
by Laura83 July 31, 2008
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The eastern county on Long Island; The Suburbs of New York City. Nassau county is immediate suburbs, Western Suffolk is suburbs, anything east of Brookhaven town is country.
The only people who call suffolk and nassau counties "STONG ISLAND" are people who don't live in Metro New York.
by NyGuyLI September 20, 2004
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City in Eastern Virginia also known by natives as "Bum Fuck Egypt"
Person 1: "I can't believe I need to drive from this cool place all the way back to Bum Fuck Egypt."

Person 2: "Sorry, brah. Suffolk is a bitch of a town!"

Person 1: "I know, girl!"
by danimo3 December 11, 2010
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It is a county on Long Island in Southeastern,NY.

It is economically and geographically diverse. Ethnically, it is predominantly White but strictly segregated. There are plenty of segregated areas.
There are at least five areas which have a significant minority areas. These areas are also home to mainly working-class or poor people.These areas are Brentwood, Central Islip, Huntington Station, Wyandanch and North Bay Shore. Any White person who lives in these areas is deemed "inferior".
There are like more than twenty towns which are home to mainly middle-class to upper-middle class Whites. To name a few, there are Dix Hills, Brightwaters, Melville, North Huntington, Bay Shore, East Islip, West Islip and Oakdale.
Culturally, there is a difference between the lifestyles of those who live in Western Suffolk than in Eastern Suffolk. Western Suffolk is pre-dominantly suburban while Eastern Suffolk is more rural or agrigcultural. Both Western and Eastern sections have some form of a fishing industry. There also is an extensive tourist industry.
Kid from Brentwood: Hi yo ho
Kid from West Islip: What ?
by A. May 07, 2005
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The crunkiest place in Britain. Especially if you like incest, cider, baiting American squaddies from a distance, somewhat backward views to foreigners, fox hunting and clubs so filthy you can get the clap from sitting on the chairs.
Suffolk; if it wasn't for us you wouldn't have Bob Hoskins.
by red_monty August 13, 2006
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