Estimated Time Of Sleep
1: Hey man, what homework do you have to do tonight?
1: Etos?
2: 5 am, fuck my life.
by Oliver Li April 03, 2008
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Estimated Time of Sleep. Used to indicate when you're planning on going to sleep.
Friend 1: I've got a bunch of homework. ETOS is 1 am. What's yours?
Friend 2: RIGHT NOW! No homework for me!
by DaHacker12 November 01, 2011
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Anywhere east of I-35 in Austin, TX, in the five and a half (512 area code). In other words, east Austin, which, of course, is markedly less civilized and affluent than the western half. A good place to get jacked up - as well as str8 up got. Don't drive into this area in a phat ride with heavily tinted glass and gold rims, or some cholo might take a guage to your driver's side window - even at a stop-light.
"Biiiiiiiitch, we're ballin' thru E-to in this bitch-ass Impala we jacked, and nobody gives a shit! Whatuuuuuuuup?!?!"
by Shaf September 15, 2004
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Sounds like an Asian name rhyming with "neato". Intellectual yet fun, unfiltered, strong, adaptable, and a penchant for the erotic. Also possessing the ability to make light in almost any situation.
Man that guy went full Eto at the funeral making everyone laugh.
by Etod July 11, 2014
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Estimated Time of Online-ness
Shit, your website went down, any ETO?

When's the ETO?
by Danny S November 25, 2005
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