An award show where fans vote for the winners of numerous sports categories.
Ex. 1:Justin Timberlake is hosting the 2008 ESPYS

Ex. 2: Tiger Woods won the best golfer award at the ESPYS
by The Blackk Mamba July 11, 2008
Pronunciation: 'es-pE
Funcation: Noun
n. pl. ESPYs

1. An annual award for outstanding achievement in sports given by ESPN.
2. ESPYs may also refer to the awards show. Similar to Tonys or Oscars.

Stands for "Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly".
The ESPY Awards were created by ESPN in 1993.
by Brent_LA July 8, 2005
It is an adjective that can be positive or negative,and the meaning of the word depends on the intonation of your voice.
Positive/ Negative:That skirt is so espi!
Aggravation: Oh my god, can you stop being so espi?!
by Corin C June 10, 2004
I weird shortened version of the word esplanade used by middle aged people trying to be "Cool" and "Hip"
by epicgamerbruh_Xx September 9, 2020
Did you see Espi this morning? She looked amazing!
by Eww66 November 23, 2021
A nickname my dad gave me when I was younger (he was a rapper) I used to go on stage with him when he would preform and that’s what everyone would call me
Espy you are my muse that keeps my going
by Lös3r August 5, 2022