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Esperanza damn she is just a beautiful girl.She falls in love quickly but can’t say “I love you” if she doesn’t mean it.She gets hurt in most relationship’s even if she ended it.If you have her as your girlfriend keep her for as long as you can.She will make anyone happy even if she’s the one hurting.She is very very goofy and is always smiling.She is the greatest in bed just a real freak in the sheets her kinky side kicks in a lot.Her kisses are amazing make you feel one and only.She is a sweet and kind person.If you have an Esperanza in your life keep her cause she maintains your hope alive.
Esperanza is too funny...I can’t stop laughing with her.
by Judie White December 17, 2017
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Esperanza is a persons name or a word that has the meaning hope.
Esperanza is the most kind loving person, she is always caring for others.Even though she could sometimes be lazy, you can count on her for a favor.and ya
by Desirae carera July 04, 2016
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A shockingly beautiful woman! She's very indecisive, has a great personality, awesome in bed, the greatest girlfriend ever, will out-wit you in any scenario. Basically the best female in the entire world!! Hold on to her if you get a hold of her!!!
"I'm so luck to be with Esperanza!!"
by loverich January 30, 2009
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the most honest, funny out going girl you will ever meet she loves to act goofy everywhere even in serious time she is so pretty and everybody loves her she gets her heart broken even if shes the one who ends the relationship and she says "i love you" to fast. if you ever find an Esperanza keep her as long as you can and don't let go of her
Esperanza is so funny i cant stop laughing with her
by @idkyoulol November 21, 2018
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Although Esperanza in Spanish means hope, Esperanzas are cunts. Threatan to punch you. Smell like shit and if your teacher has that name, kill her.
Wow, Ms. Esperanza is such a slut, she threw a pencil at me for asking to go to the bathroom.
by eight bee and ayy April 26, 2017
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Someone who is usually stuck up, and very self centered and fake.
Omg she is so Esperanza:(
by Unicorngirl2008 January 21, 2018
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