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end of course exam. A standardized test in Florida that students have to take at the end of the year. Algebra 1 and 2 and Biology take this shit.
by CrazyWey22 February 10, 2017
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Person A: I'm eating microwaved cereals.
Person B: That's eoc.
by patricious September 28, 2009
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The definiton of EOC --> End Of Conversation

Its pretty simple really.. ;)
Daughter: Can I borrow some money?
Dad: No..
Daughter: Please..?
Dad: NO! EOC!
by MartinSL3iM August 20, 2005
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When someone comments in any social network's users status of no importance (or something that is equivalent to a "Caga Palo" comment) , resulting in killing the conversation, one must put EOC (End of Conversation)
Person 1-Bro i "defraged" her good last night
Person 2-I just hope you checked her "harddrive" before plugging in your "USB" in her port for any virus
Person 3- Oh you guys know about computers? can you guys hook me up with an anti-virus
Person 1- EOC
by The ShadowX January 09, 2011
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When you completely destroy someone, you say "eoc" meaning "end of conversation" then you turn your status to away. That person you were arguing to, they are dead now, unlucky.
You should have stayed with me. eoc, BITCH
by main man slinky March 01, 2017
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