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end of course exam. A standardized test in Florida that students have to take at the end of the year. Algebra 1 and 2 and Biology take this shit.
by CrazyWey22 February 10, 2017
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what you should be doing right now. get the fuck off urban dictionary and do it.
Do your homework, and stop looking it up, you know what homework is.
by CrazyWey22 April 03, 2017
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WW1 started in 1914, after a Serbian national assassinated Franz Ferdinand. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia 7/28/1914.
by CrazyWey22 March 09, 2017
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Puerto Rican and Dominan spang for Baseball.
Papi, vamos a jugar pelota un rato.
Dad, lets play baseball for a while.
by CrazyWey22 October 02, 2016
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