The AUXILIARY of the United States Air Force. The Civil Air Patrol performs many missions including Search and Rescue, Disaster Relief and Aerospace Education. The Civil Air Patrol also had ground teams for search and rescue, and average 100 lives saved a year.

The Civil Air Patrol also has the largest fleet of single-engine aircraft in the world, complex VHF-FM and HF-SSB radio systems that allow for interoperabily with navy, air force, marine corps, coast guard, as well as disater relief organizations such as the red cross, FEMA, etc.

The Civil Air Patrol is a national asset that at least does something useful, unlike the ROTC.
CAP owns you.
by IrishRepublicanArmy November 16, 2003
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Civil Air Patrol is the best program in the United States today for young men and woman. Whoever said it was a political disaster does not know what the hell they are talking about. They are only getting one side of the whole show. This program is great. We do Search and Rescue, Aerospace Education, and promote manners and a good path to life. If you get far enough in the program you can earn advance rank in the US military.
Civil Air Patrol search and rescue teams found me and i am alive because of those outstanding individuals.
by Cadet commander March 20, 2006
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The best organization for young people who are motivated to join the military (especially the Air Force).
Civil Air Patrol is freakin awesome.
by CAP CADET June 15, 2007
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Civil Air Patrol is a great program youth, ages 12-18, and adults, to learn the core values of leadership, learn about aerospace education, and develop character that will last a lifetime. It is also a great program for people who like to serve their country and help people. Conduction search and rescue operations is the least to say. Along with practice flying, and numorous amount of national activities, I can easily say that C.A.P. is the most sophisticated program for getting people ready to join the armed services, but more specifically, the Air Force. As for the senior members, they can enjoy their post Air Force years in C.A.P. serving as executive officers for certain activites, and helping the cadets with guidance and what not. This is a very good program. I was in it. If you want to strive, join. If you get far enough, you can go into the armed services starting with 3 stripes, nice huh :)
Civil Air Patrol pretty much beats boys scouts and JROTC. They just don't compare, thats why I've seen so many switch over, but if you do both at the same time, you rank up faster, if that's your MO.
by blacknight7 July 11, 2008
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ROTC does nothing but prepare THEMSELVES for the military, CAP does emergency services, search and rescue, aerospace education..etc. While you guys are marching around on power trips and deciding who has the shiniest boots, we're out learning to fly, locating downed aircraft, and going to special schools that qualify us to make a difference. CAP encampment is our equivalent of your Army ROTC Bootcamp and a prereq for Ranger School, Blue Beret, and several other elite programs. I would love to see our drill-teams show down. And as far as being 'wanna-bes'..who's a wannabe? the guy who isnt yet in the service, but kisses his commanding officer's ass for that recomendation, or the volunteers who actually have authorization to assist in military maneuvers? Ur not yet a soldier so dont get all big and bad and secondly, the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and USMC, really appreciate what we do, so we could care less about your whiny opinion.
No such thing as a bad NROTC cadet or Marine option cadet?? yea, cause you all equally suck..i'll admit we get some bad cadets, but they sure dont make it very far.
by SAR March 26, 2004
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The organization that gets shoved with all the bitch work that the law shoves at the Air Force.

Originally made up of bat-fuck insane private pilots during WWII, who attacked U-Boats with Piper Cubs, CAP was made the Air Force Bitch Auxiliary, and banned from Combat in '47.

CAP now consists of:

1) Wannabee Cadets, who act tough and pretend to be "Rangers," but have never been deployed, and would cry to their mommies if they did.

2) Fat middle aged slobs who improperly wear the Air Force uniform, who get their kicks from yelling at 12 year olds.

3) Wannabee EMTs, who fail too hard to be real men and ride the ambulance.

4) Good Old Boy's club Pilots.

5) The occasional sane person, who doesn't talk about CAP much in the real world.

Even so, every CAP member needs to realize is that the only reason they get "missions" is because they are cheap. The Government always goes with the lowest bidder, and nothing is lower than people who will pay money to be able to do it.
Airman First Class: "Captain! The AFRCC called, they hear an ELT, and have an overdue IFR flight!"

Captain: "And they want us to interrupt OUR grill-out night! NEVER! Tell them to send the Civil Air Patrol out. Probably another drunk pilot."
by Dr Lolwut August 23, 2010
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A political disaster that is similar to boy scouts but actualy gives over zeluos adults rank and control over their children and their childs peers.

Many a ambitious cadets CAP career was destroyed by a fat peice of shit parent.

oh and god help me if they ever look for me.
"I will promote you after my son is promoted"
by qwerty December 25, 2004
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