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Being in a point of total relaxation, when everything seems to be going your way.
The multi-millionair record executive was coasting.
by Sprud April 09, 2003
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When you don't gas the engine of your car while driving. Also one of the best ways to stretch your gas usage.
Coasting is my favorite illegal activity that I do regularly.
by raspberry (lust) muffin August 01, 2005
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to be drunk and blazed where you feel really chill and you're just coasting along.. you're just chillin.
mo are you drunk?

nah im coasting... feelin good and blazed
by moseph moseph July 17, 2008
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The day after you smoke weed, preferably a really good kind, and are in a very chill kickback state. One could in-fact describe it as the opposite of a hangover.

Having a coasting experience you weel feel really relaxed, usually not lazy as the effects of the marijuana have worn off, and uneffected by the stresses of the day. Coasting is the ultimate after-high
"Dude I'm feeling so awsome today, yesterday I smoked some dank shit and now I'm just coasting."
by Nickdaguanja November 10, 2009
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The game of 2+ players in which the players stand in a circle with a bottle of water and throw it to each other. The aim of the game is to make the bottle flow smoothly through the air with no sudden, jerky movements. Nobody ever loses, but players gain reputation by performing transactions with utter steeze.

Variations of the game include:
-Hardcore Coasting (with the bottle cap off)
-Freestyle Coasting (performing beautiful tricks with the bottle)
-Here comes the pain (A skill-off in which players have 4 lives corresponding to each word in the game's title. This is a similar game to S.K.A.T.E.)
Person 1: "Hey man, you wanna coast for a bit?"
Person 2: "Yeah lets try and beat our last run!"
Person 3: "Hey guys, I'm up for some freestyle coasting"
Person 1: "Sorry dude, not this time, your steeze is wack"
by AlphaMayell April 21, 2010
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When on 'The Pill' a girl gets a pill sheet marked with days of the month. For most of the month the pills they take have an effect, but for a few days every month there's apparently no need for them to take any additional pills. To keep it simple however the pill sheets contain pregancy-friendly sugar pills to keep the girls in the habit of taking a pill every morning. When a girl is taking these sugar pills, she is coasting on the previous weeks dosage.
"I haven't been taking my pill for the last few days"
"I don't need to, it's the sugar pill, I got back so the others next week"
"So you've been coasting?"
by Matthew Cruickshank January 02, 2004
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a coastie enjoying life.

for those of you weirdos in the midwest and wherever else coasties are hated. COASTIES HAVE BETTER LIFES. go swim in a lake with the leeches.
Sarah will be coasting all summer.

Totally coasting.
by coastie May 29, 2007
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