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A city within Michigan that routinely has a higher-than-average temperature, due to a large amount of hot girls. When you see a snowflake, a freshman has just lost his virginity.
Just another day in East Lansing, Michigan. It's cloudy, it's dull, and there isn't a ray of sunshine penetrating the clouds. However, it's 276 degrees outside and there's three feet of snow outside the apartment. Wanna get high?
by lolredwings April 07, 2011
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1) An awesome city in the state of Michigan, home of Michigan State University, one of the coolest colleges in the country.

2) A place where if you live there for at least 10 years you're automatically awesome.
1) "I go to Michigan State, which is in East Lansing, MI."
"Oh that's great. I've heard that's a really cool college!"

2) Mina and Young: "We're from East Lansing."
Mina: "I lived there for about 16 years before moving."
Young: "I've been living here for about 12 years."
"Omg, you guys must be really awesome people. I officially worship the ground you two walk on now!"
by 100% pure michigan July 25, 2009
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