A city within Michigan that routinely has a higher-than-average temperature, due to a large amount of hot girls. When you see a snowflake, a freshman has just lost his virginity.
Just another day in East Lansing, Michigan. It's cloudy, it's dull, and there isn't a ray of sunshine penetrating the clouds. However, it's 276 degrees outside and there's three feet of snow outside the apartment. Wanna get high?
by lolredwings April 7, 2011
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1) An awesome city in the state of Michigan, home of Michigan State University, one of the coolest colleges in the country.

2) A place where if you live there for at least 10 years you're automatically awesome.
1) "I go to Michigan State, which is in East Lansing, MI."
"Oh that's great. I've heard that's a really cool college!"

2) Mina and Young: "We're from East Lansing."
Mina: "I lived there for about 16 years before moving."
Young: "I've been living here for about 12 years."
"Omg, you guys must be really awesome people. I officially worship the ground you two walk on now!"
by 100% pure michigan July 25, 2009
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the illest city in michigan...home of Michigan State University's Sparten...
it's a town...what's more to say?
by ducky April 15, 2005
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This is when a woman who is on her period has her vagina shat in, fucked, spooged in, and ate out. In that order.
John gave Jane the ol' East Lansing Neapolitan last night.
by TaintStain May 8, 2008
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A black-supremacist high school where it's not safe to be white.
I want an education, instead of having to protect myself. I am white, so I will not be attending East Lansing High School.
by iotbw January 28, 2023
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A school in Michigan with 1000+ teens who don’t know how to act. The school is very divided and you’re either solo or in a huge group of friends that eventually will break off. The staff is nice with a few exceptions but like every other school the teachers have favorites, and fall out of love with their job and it shows. Party’s always kinda suck because no one knows how to have fun anymore. The girls there are pretty and kind (on the outside) but also will stab you in the back, a lot of them are insecure and sad but they hide it with trying to overachieve at everything. The guys there like to get with every girl before they “settle down” and don’t know how to make up their minds about anything + they’re mediocre looking. I hope everyone at ELHS can get their heads out of their asses and be a little nicer. It’s not that hard. We do pretty good at sports though.
I went to East Lansing High School
by homerspimpson20 April 15, 2020
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1. AKA Michigan State University - an 'institution' of
'supposedly' higher learning (for monkees - and
arsonists, I guess).
2. Training ground for future failed middle managers
of dead-ended careers and lives (Super-size it !)
3. Biggest undergraduate rip-off around: herded into class
sizes of 1000+, dormitories akin to Auschwitz, T.A.'s
who don't even know the subject matter; one actually
comes out of this asylum a bigger idiot than upon first
arriving, if that's possible.
After a night of heavy partying on campus and before starting his new job as an assistant lawn cutter, Wally awoke only to find he had inadvertently used his recently received diploma from the East Lansing Diploma Factory as an ass wipe. 'That's okay', he consoled himself, 'besides I can always go into any one of the many bars they have here and look for the toilet paper dispensers in the mens room.' Specifically, Wally was referring to certain dispensers that have printed on them: 'Bachelors Degrees From This Institution. Please Take One.' Hell, take several ! Give them to your friends ! You can never have too many ass wipes at the Ol' ELDF !
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