Philip Michael Thomas invented the phrase "EGOT", meaning "Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony", in reference to his plans for winning all four.
Man! I plan to win all awards in the EGOT. That is an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony-award.
by PhilipSkovgaard May 3, 2009
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A verb or motivational saying in which shows you will earn all performance awards in which you get an emmy, grammy, oscar and a tony, popularized by the T.V. show, 30 Rock.
"What's your goal in life?"

"I'm going to EGOT"
by FACPACK December 5, 2009
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Egot (Alternatively: Igot) is a Filipino slang term derived from the word igorot. Igorot refers to the mountainous peoples of the Philippines. The term egot usually denotes one of dark skin tone and is commonly used in the states by Filipinos to refer to one of African descent.
Some egots broke into Tito Bernies store again.
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Traditionally referring to the dark skinned, indigenous peoples of the Philippines, egot has become a sort of equivallent to nigga among wanksta filipino youth.
'Sup egot. Let's hold back the integrity of our race for another 20 years by acting all wanksta and stuff.
by Kikkoman-man October 25, 2005
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egot is slang for igorot the term used to describe the collective indigenous people's of the mountanous cordillera region. It is derogatory because just as latinos/hispanics use the term indio to describe a very dark individual, it includes the connotation that indigenous/ darker/ non-european features are ugly and inferior.
by katrinasocco November 6, 2003
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A godlike entity, we must be down to him, for he is root, all our base are belong to him, he's cool, awesome, and many more things.
EgoT > God
by A royal servant to our God February 27, 2004
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Like the traditional EGOT, the Western EGOT is an honor bestowed upon individuals who achieve the four most elite accomplishments of the American West. To earn a Western EGOT, at some point in their life an individual must eat 50 hard-boiled eggs, survive at least one gunfight, complete an oxen drive of at least 500 miles (oxen may be substituted for cattle or other livestock), and kill their first bear by the age of three (also known as the Davy Crockett Challenge).

Western EGOT (Traditional EGOT)
E - Eggs Eaten (Traditional: Emmy)
G - Gunfight Survived (Traditional: Grammy)
O - Oxen Driven (Traditional: Oscar)
T - Three-year Bear (Traditional: Tony)

Previous honorees include folk hero Davy Crockett and businessman Cornelius Roosevelt.
Jolene finally completed her first oxen drive at the age of 37, becoming the youngest Western EGOT in modern history.
by SpaceisOverrated December 12, 2014
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