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To high five yourself, if none of your homies is around to show you some love.
From Scrubs:

Elliot: "...Dr. Kelso's riding me!"
The Todd: "I got next...whazza!? No-one? Self-five! (snaps) For the big dog!"
by PhilipSkovgaard September 4, 2009
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To add a "Like" to one of your own posts on Facebook. Kind of an embarrassing act.
Hey man, look at this. Tina has just added yet another self-like to one of her posts. Bitch got no friends!
by PhilipSkovgaard September 4, 2009
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A person who is unbelievably quite when using a restroom.
Hey man, have you ever notiched how Zack is total toilet ninja?
by PhilipSkovgaard April 1, 2009
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Man, look at Shakey go. "Live Rust" is the best!
by PhilipSkovgaard November 5, 2009
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Clothes that can be described by one or more of the following examples:

1) Only putting on the most necessary clothes when going for a ride in the car. For instance when you are going to 7-Eleven to fill up the car with petrol etc. And then right back home again.

2) Clothes that you haven't mirrored yourself in.

3) Sweats/sunday clothes.
Plausible examples, in everyday conversations, were the expression could be used:

1) "Honey, will you please go and fill up the car, it's almost running on empty!". "Sure hun', let me just get on some car clothes".

2) "Wow man, have you looked yourself in the mirror before going out today? You look like shit!". "No need my man, these are just my car clothes".

3) "Ahh, another Sunday in my favourite car clothes".
by PhilipSkovgaard April 1, 2009
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Being fat, angry and acting.
Coined by Zach Galifianakis on the DVD "Live at the Purble Onion".
"Joe that was really good facting!".
by PhilipSkovgaard February 25, 2010
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Philip Michael Thomas invented the phrase "EGOT", meaning "Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony", in reference to his plans for winning all four.
Man! I plan to win all awards in the EGOT. That is an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony-award.
by PhilipSkovgaard May 3, 2009
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