Slang term for Elyria Ohio AKA E-Town, mostly used by locals around Northeast Ohio. Elyria is a small industrial/government city outside of Cleveland and just south of Lorain.

Overall it's not a nice city, but it has many nice parts. In general all of the Northside and Eastside are nice, very white, and somewhat suburban (especially NE and SE). The Westside is more of a mixed area with some hoods and some good. The Southside (south of downtown to wood st, between the river branches and SW side near S W River rd) is all ghetto though and mostly black/mixed with high poverty, crime, gangs, projects, etc. If you're not from the southside (especially if you're white) don't go down there unless you're looking for drugs, as you have a high chance of being robbed or worse. That's Thug City down there. Luckily the whole city isn't like that, I can't say the same for Lorain or Cleveland though...

There's not much to do in the city. Cascade Park is somewhat nice. Downtown is decent but pretty dead. The mall area (NW side) has a lot of stores but it's going downhill. Elyria High School was real ghetto but is now being mostly rebuilt. Lorain County Community College is located here. Basically an average yet unique city in the Cleveland area.
by NEOhio71 August 13, 2009
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E town is slang for the city of Edmonton (the city of champions). Edmonton is the capitol of Alberta Canada

other slang for idmonton is the EAC, The 780, the seven eighty, the city of champion, the city of champs
I represent E Town till i'm dead in the ground
by TempesT February 27, 2004
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E Town is actually Evanston, IL. Where many great hangouts exist such as Kafein, Hooka, and the home of Northwestern Univerity.
by Not a D-bag May 04, 2006
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Slang term used for the city of Eagan, a suburb just south of St. Paul MN.
"Lets go bump to some gangsta shit and roll around E Town."
by K Bizzle November 16, 2006
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Affectionate slang term for Euless, Texas. AKA E Town
The 2005 state 5A football championship resides with the Trinity Trojans in E Town.
by CBreezy August 10, 2006
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The coolest place in kentucky. So cool they made a crap movie about it. this town is overpopulated with emo and scene kids. but besides that, hey its awesome!!
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