1) a Dutchmaster cigar
2) the product of cutting a cigar, hollowing it by removing the tobacco (leaving just the outer leaves), re-filling it with weed and reclosing it
Roll it up light it up

Roll that shit, light that shit, hit that shit, hold that shit

Blow that shit out slow, then pass it to me bro
-three 6 mafia

crack that mo'fuckin dutch masta
by L0nd0n June 25, 2006
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dutch cigar that can be used for rollin ill blunts
Why they didn't make the CL6 with a clutch?/
And if you don't smoke, why the hell you reachin' for my dutch?/
by maxie k August 14, 2004
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A Nickname for President Reagan. Nicknamed "Dutch" as a child, wenton to become the 40th US president.
DUring his presidency, Dutch got shot and later fell off a horse. It was just like one of his movies.
by Lou Stenspayce June 05, 2004
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A type of people and language. Here is a crule joke (not to be taken personily, and if you do tuff shit)
Dude: Hey what do you call a German who is too afraid to fight?
Other Dude: What?
Dude: Dutch
by Der Neger February 10, 2005
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1) rude, unfriendly, inhospitable, unwelcoming, xenophobic;
2) generally crappy, miserable;
3) excessively bureaucratic, full of red tape
1) Hey what's you're problem? Stop being so dutch.
2) Don't bother seeing that movie, it was totally dutch.
3) The DMV loves being dutch.
by Dutchman June 19, 2006
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Abbreviation of wordDutch Gold/word. Cheap lager popular the length and breath of North Dublin. 4 cans for €5.
story boys, a few cans of dutch, or wha'?
by Chev Riley October 12, 2003
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