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white on the outside, yellow on the inside.
a wanna be asian.
keith is an egg.
"my kimono is too long. Damn im such an egg"
by England June 04, 2005

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an insult implying the individual is gay
to steal or bang ass
Jim-"ARG there be the booty i be wantin to score"
Chris"Damn it Jim you're such an ass pirate"
by England June 04, 2005

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errtime the beat go.
by England June 21, 2005

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1.one who is continuously working to come in contact with the crotch of the opposite gender.
2.one who loves sex.
3.quite literally a crotch rider.
"Chris got 3 chicks last night. Hes such a crotch jockey."
by England June 20, 2005

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the product atained by cutting a cigar and stuffing it with marijuana.
a stuffed cigar.
"pass that dutch..."
by England June 12, 2005

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