Acting like an asshole not in insulting way. Most dutch people act like an assholes. They don't want to insult you but just make fun.
Guy 1: He is acting like an asshole again.
Guy 2: Nah don't worry, he is just dutching.
by Mr.PolskaTheGiantAmongMidgets February 28, 2021
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1 Getting stoned while receiving head.

2 Being a real player or pimp

3 Just chilling while enjoying some green and cheking out ladies.

4 Relating females and marijuahna with eachother.

5 Judging a female on her looks
1 Guy:"Ey girl, wanna get some Dutching going on?"
Girl: "Oh sure sexy, pass me one too after I'm done with you"

2 "Damn look at that dude Dutching with those hoes"

3 "Oh man, me and some friends were really Dutching it to the fullest yesterday at the club"

4 "Why are you Dutching, boy?"

5 "Nigga, why you Dutching me? Punkass!"
by Dutcher April 28, 2005
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A man with a plan.
Arthur: I'm not sure Dutch

Dutch: you need FAITH son, I have a PLAN!
by Micah bell January 18, 2019
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Not to be confused with the similar word Dutch (the nationality of The Netherlands).

British/Irish slang referring to the method by which the cost of something is shared amongst present parties, or "splitting a bill".

Person 1: "I'll pay for the tab."

Person 2: "Nonsense, I shall."

Person 3: "Should we go dutch?"

Person 4: "Good idea!"
by Laurie Cathal November 20, 2020
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The act of getting tricked by a particular event. Commonly used as a handball term
"Surely I can't get out because the ball hit the crack" "Nah man you're out you got dutched"
by Dutchy448 June 5, 2017
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Slang term for a joint, or a blunt.
"I'ma finish you before I finish the dutch!"
by Zenhachirou May 3, 2003
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