She is powerful with a kind heart. She has a unique imagination. She is always in her head thinking about everything. She is balance. She loves nature. She is sweet but will cut your bullshit in a sec.
Durga is a very balanced individual
by Strangeroninternet November 23, 2021
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The coolest and sexiest way to describe a person or thing. Usually mistaken as Mexican lingo, but it's ancient Hawaiian secrecy.
Wow..there goes that Durga again. Check out his ass!
by Talar Rain July 3, 2010
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Durga is like a "Phoebe (from friends)" to your Joey and everyone else around her. Her presence is so strong and infectious that even if you are having a bad day, just durga sitting beside you will uplift your mood tremendously!
She wears her heart on her sleeve. She gets emotional when things get hard but tries to hide it from others and bottles it up. And don't mistake her for her good behaviour. When that bottle gets filled, anyone around her proximity needs to run for their life. She will become a VOLCANO of emotions and burst. She will EAT you even if you whisper.
Her sense of humour is other worldly.
She is very expressive and likes and deserves to be respected. Anyone who has a durga in their life, their life will tremendously change for the better. She is a literal angel sent from heaven❤️.
A miracle. So loving, charismatic, giggly, fun in her own way. She never hides her true self. No matter what. Her strength is underrated.

You will never be able to know life without a durga. She adds music to life. She adds taste.

Never break her heart. Yours will break too.

You'll never like her, but will always be head over heels for her. If she falls in love with you, you'll be the luckiest man in the entire universe. She stands for her friends, she values her friendship. She might get upset for a while but never lets bad blood stay in a relationship.

Durga is the defination of charisma.
Durga is a blessing.
Why are you laughing for no reason at all? Come on, don't be a Durga!
by Dusk till dawn November 24, 2021
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A total snowflake smh defenatly thinks the 19th is importent and no one likes her. She should be less of a blue hair feminazi and then MAYBE men will lok at her
Person 1: *tells very funny joke^
Durga: UGH! I’m triggered >o<
by Cwoochyeeter June 16, 2020
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the most purest girl! everyone wish she is their girlfriend:) bila bila 24
by ashyburge November 23, 2021
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Durga is a very ambiguous word that can be used in any situation, and not just in a negative way. It should be used constantly.
-Oh man did you see that?!?!


-True dat
by redmanhighdude October 28, 2010
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