The coolest and sexiest way to describe a person or thing. Usually mistaken as Mexican lingo, but it's ancient Hawaiian secrecy.
Wow..there goes that Durga again. Check out his ass!
by Talar Rain July 02, 2010
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Durga is a very ambiguous word that can be used in any situation, and not just in a negative way. It should be used constantly.
-Oh man did you see that?!?!


-True dat
by redmanhighdude October 27, 2010
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In hinduism, durga maa is depicted as the supreme mother goddess also known as ambe. in many pictures she is shown with ten arms, but really does not have that many, this is to show her strength and in each hand she carries a weapon. she is the mother off Kartikeya and Lord Ganesha. She is the consort to Shiva.
Durga Maa is the mother goddess in the hindu religion.
by definer 2010 March 23, 2010
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He's a boy. Sweet, caring and likes a shit-ton of politics. He is WAY too smart for his class. Funny guy. He ain't a white basic bitch like everyone else. yes, I'm talking to you. Good friend.
by yeeyee I'm da asian1 November 11, 2020
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Saravedi Sai Durga is a lady Don in Twitter. The name was derived from a tweet where someone gives Adaimozhis for girls. She is regarded as one of the most terrific rowdies of India.
Outsider : Yaaru yaa.. athu.... Saravedi Sai Durga???

Twitter people : Deiii!! Methuvaa pesu!!

Avanga kaathula vizhunthura pothu. Avangalukku therinjaa avlothaan!!!

Saravedi Sai Durga : Thambiii.. MBuild up pannathukku nandri... Intha nee ketta rooba!
by Saidurgask April 09, 2021
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A total snowflake smh defenatly thinks the 19th is importent and no one likes her. She should be less of a blue hair feminazi and then MAYBE men will lok at her
Person 1: *tells very funny joke^
Durga: UGH! I’m triggered >o<
by Cwoochyeeter June 15, 2020
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