a Place where you can wear just shorts & a t/shirt in winter.The bannana city.A culturally diverse city situated in the east coast of South Africa with the warm indian ocean along the it's boader.There are blacks, whites, indians, couloureds and a small community of chinese immigrants.infact,Durban has the most number of indians outside of india than anywhere in the world.Indians mostly live in areas like Phoenix,Chatsworth& Verulam, Whites live in mostly the suburbs while coulourds live in Wentworth, Sydneham and Newlands, black live pretty much everywhere but areas where only blacks live include, Umlazi(the 2ND biggest township in South Africa, after SO.WE.TO - SOUTH WESTERN TOWNSHIPS), Ntuzuma, lamontville and clermont.
durban is a place where you have to sleep naked in summer because it's so humid
by loy_ses April 30, 2008
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synonyms of dirty, dutty.

this word is used to describe anything negative.
shorten to durbs

commonly used in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas

1) that girl is Durban/durbs
2) this tea is Durban/durbs man

3) you need a bath, you smell Durban/durbs
by badbitchpoeting June 4, 2016
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Durban is when you slip the male genetalia inside of a womans anus, meanwhile your partner is eating another mans dick that is wrapped in tinfoil. The man getting his dick sucked is chewing on his arm for sexual pleasure
Ted: Hey man I hate Durban!
Dave: Yea it's so discusting!
by Lnaoah192 February 2, 2013
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a combination of the words dank and urban
Guy 1: Dude that's so durban!
Guy 2: What's durban?
by erikthered45 April 17, 2015
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I just smoked some Durban Poison that my friend smuggled from South Africa. Now that is some quality weed.
by ikilled50cent April 18, 2005
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Probably the strongest weed you will ever have heard of, smoked, eaten, or whatever, you can't go wrong with that sh!t!

the good strain has a red tinge to the leaves, and the slightly cr@ppier version has a brown tinge. they are both insanely strong, and are grown in South Africa, the best country in the world
dude : Oh man, that Durban poison sure was good...

dude2 : ...

dude : hello?

dude2 : ...
by Ih8ppl April 19, 2005
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