1. to be awesome beyond contemplation (adj)
2. to be so good looking that one is attractive to every female present and at least one guy present (adj)
3. to be incredibly smart (adj)
4. able to do all things exceedingly well (verb)
Wowwwwwwwwwwwww, he is so freaking duong
by capt._awesome February 13, 2010
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A very awesome girl, that loves to eat noodles and mint chocolate chip ice cream, has amazing personality, and is a lot of fun to hang out with!
"Duong is so nice, however she is terrified of running into mud, because the mud smells like animal dung (poop)!"
by RunnerDesignGal February 02, 2010
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Hitting and killing a pedestrian while driving, particularly on a large college campus.
Oh shit I think I just duonged that kid.
Whatever, keep driving no one saw.
by sspck September 21, 2009
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(also known as thoi particle) A theoretical massive scalar particle which could help explain how human lipid molecules (fat) can exist in many different individuals. The particle is derived from the molecular term thoi which refers to fat.
Biologists are trying to find out how thoi duong can produce so much fat.
by Dr. Paat - Psychology PhD April 03, 2010
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