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Word to describe someone who is non-suave.
Aaron thinks he looks totally dunkis in the pic, but that’s not the case.
by Big Poppy 802 May 29, 2018
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Dunki is just a way to describe how much of an arsehole you think someone is. There are many reasons for being a dunki.

1) Someone who thinks there so so so flippin hilarious, when they really really arent half the time! And use words like 'totes'

2) Someone who is just a total weird arse mother fucker. Who denies being scence and think they're skinhead.

3) Someone who copies everyone else because all the individuality in their soul has rotted away.
1) Dunki: OMG guys! Listen to this it's so totes funnay! *says joke* ahahahaha

(Everyones sitting there in awkwardness not laughing)

Guy1: Dude, shes a dunki
Guy2: IKR!

2) Guy1: Are you scene?

Dunki: No dude, im so totally skinhead. Bare skinhead fashion and ting.

Guy2*thinking to themselves*: They are scence, that is such a dunki thing.

3) Guy1: Im gonna get a hip microdermal

Dunki: OMG dude, i totally want one two! Im getting one soon!

Guy2: I want my nipple pierced!

Dunki: OMG im totes getting that done this friday!

by cooliesbbz March 29, 2011
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