slang for a condom. see also johnny
oh s***, the rubber johnny split
by danomccabo January 4, 2004
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A 6-minute short film by Chris Cunningham, commonly found on websites such as eBaum's World, Wimp, etc. Surprisingly, this film plus a 40-page book sells on Amazon for 10 bucks. This video is creepy and haunting, and about a supposed "teenage mutant" who dances in his wheelchair near the end, with lots of flashing lights. Looks like a rave-type thing. Many strange noises and weird images, so be warned.
by Rae* October 10, 2005
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A flexible sheath, usually made of thin rubber or latex, designed to cover the penis during sexual intercourse for contraceptive purposes or as a means of preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Rubber johnny is a slang word for that.
Use a rubber johnny during sex.
by MissAlys13 April 3, 2005
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1. British slang for a condom, 'johnny' can also be a singular term for it as well.
Girl 1: "Damn, you forgot to lube that rubber johnny, you dickwad!"
Guy 2: "Shit, my bad. I'm such a flaphead."
by John "Schlong" Long June 29, 2018
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