Dunch (Du-un-Ch), is the meal that combines lunch and dinner. The term and word where coined by the contemporary artist The Mazeking in 1996. Since, the artist used the word in a interview in 2003 and later in a magazine interview in 2014. Dunch is simply the meal that is less formal than dinner and a little more formal than lunch, which takes place between lunch and dinner normal times.
We are going to Dunch this weekend. lunch brunch The Mazeking
by Troy K January 13, 2016
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The insertion of a garden hose into one's vagina for the purpose of removing sand
I have so much sand in my vagina" "All you need is a good dunch
by tmc12345 January 13, 2011
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A Dunch. The late night shit you take that's a cross breed between your lunch and dinner. This bowel movement usually occurs around 12:00 to 2:00 AM and usually results in massive clogging of household restroom facilities.
-Hey Breh I took a huge Dunch last night.

Guy1: Hey Breh....hey wake up
Guy2: what..what the fuck do you want
Guy1: wheres your plunger?
Guy2: What? Why?
Guy1: I just took a hella big Dunch man its not looking to good in there.

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it is the between lunch and dinner meal. Just like "brunch" is typically the between breakfast and lunch meal.
Let's go out for some dunch.

Is it time for dunch yet?
by Carmen Di~~~ August 04, 2005
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To be a complete idiot or retard. It is a funnier way to say douche or douche bag.

(see dunch-bag or dunchery)
bob- hey whats up guys wanna hang out?

hank- hell no your to much of a dunch.

peter- yeah go be a dunch-bag some where else.
by Kitten Biscuits November 25, 2009
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Any full meal eaten between the hours of 2 and 5 P.M. After 2 is too late to be considered lunch and 5 is too early to be considered dinner.
Tommy ate some dunch.
by SUCK IT TREBEK!! May 22, 2007
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Much like Brunch, its the occasion of eating a meal between Lunch and Dinner. Can be used interchangeably with Linner, though with "Dunch" sounding a lot like "Brunch", it sounds a lot better than Linner, IMO.
"Hey bro want to go out and grab some dunch?" "Damn bro sure"
by JSSRocket June 19, 2020
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