1) The worst possible thing you could be in human existence; a word that surpasses that of douche bag

2) Performing an act that puts your worst intrests in front of your good friends
1) "No Brian, that joke isn't funny, ya dunch!"

2) We dunched James when we left him in bed to go take the final.
by Yanners September 09, 2006
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A meal between lunch and dinner
I'm glad I had dunch, because dinner was very unappetizing!
by fiercegiraffe August 03, 2009
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The groin region between front and back, similar to a taint.
I was having a good day, until I walked in on Chris and Colleen smashing dunch in the tool shed.

Justin Hauser was being a dunch, so I gave him a punch in the dunch.
by Trent, from Bishop May 06, 2011
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a huge shit, too big to be labeled a huge shit. Can be used in the verb or noun form
I dunched in their room's toilet to avoid the smell.
by p paps March 21, 2006
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The sound a large bag of gravel or rice makes when it falls on the ground.
The bag of gravel fell from the crane onto the commodore with a dunch.
by EC 1801 September 05, 2017
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