a strange little man with a love for puns and being all-around obnoxious. stay away from him at all costs.
Duncan: H-
Me: don't. just don't.
by duncanhater000 February 13, 2018
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Someone who will not hesitate to stuff an object into your rectal cavity
bro1: so what was the outcome, what did the doctor say?
bro2: Maaaaaan, he stuck his finger up my ass and said you've just been Duncan'd..
bro1: that's deep
by WhoaPlayer December 13, 2018
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Duncan comes from the Latin word douch. Someone with the name of Duncan is usually quite lame and tends to not pull many birds due to their terrible looks. They mostly like to go for girls on the other side of the world so they know they won’t ever have to show their ugly face.
Duncan’s are the most popular in UK broffles so they tend to spend most of their money there until they are skint.
“Look at that Duncan over there crying because he lost all his money on that prosi 😂”
by OfficialDefine00 June 07, 2018
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1. A person who does anything they want without explaining why they're doing it.
2. A person who tries to pull rank over somebody else.
3. A person who makes themselves seem more important than you actually are.
4. Having a Napoleon's Complex or God's Complex
Stop being such a Duncan and shitting all over the fucking walls!
by recrudescence May 10, 2017
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Duncan (more commonly refered to as daddy) is a gay ass twonk, although he gets tons of pussy. He has girls and guys hanging off his Apollo's belt.
Ohh, Duncan, ohhhh, Duncan, fuck me harder
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