Seagrams Extra Dry Gin..... called bumpy for its bumpy exterior texture.
Me and lil hardknock got fucked up last night off that bumpy and orange juice.
by D_style November 27, 2006
An adjective commonly used to describe midgets that are ghetto and a little out of control. Also used to more specifically describe hitchhiking midgets.
Yo homie, watch out for those bumpy ol' midgets!
by Burritofarts February 1, 2017
1. A poop outside of a toilet 2. Something out of place
Oops I made bumpy again!
by Dan is my name June 5, 2013
A girl with a nice ass and titties, and/or is voluptuous.
Guy 1: "Damn, that bitch is fine! Look at dem ass and titties."
Guy 2: "Yea man, that bitch is bumpy!!"
by jasim November 26, 2011
Sora’s adorable Meow Wow in Dream Drop Distance. It’s his actual name and this is *crucial*.
I really want a Bumpis keychain
by Kitthekit September 8, 2020
when a wireless internet connection continuously switches between a good and bad signal strength so that when browsing, pages will load either immediately, incredibly slowly, or just not at all
I wish the internet would quit being so bumpy so that I could surf through some porn and grease my gator.
by LustyBear September 10, 2009